Calligraphy Gothic

Here are some barebones Gothic capitals:

Next up: drawn capitals. Then, I'll be finished with the Gothic section of this book. I do plan on continuing to work with this script, though.


Calligraphy Gothic

The Gothic script is probably the script I've enjoyed writing the most, so far. It amuses me how much "older" it seems than the Roman script, when the latter is far older.

I haven't practiced the capitals, yet. I caught the "and and" just as I wrote it. Oh well. I also switched a couple of the a's unintentionally.


Calligraphy Celtic

This is the front of a "thank you" card that I just made.

The 'n' is a little wonky, but I'm happy enough with it at this point in my life. I went with the Celtic script since it seems more inviting than Roman (and there's kind of a window of timeliness for thank you cards--thus, no waiting until I'm proficient enough with a different script).

Wow. Two posts on consecutive days. When was the last time I did that?


Calligraphy Celtic

I figured I'd drop a Celtic script before I moved onto Gothic. Celtic amuses me with its whimsical, fat lettering and assortment of alternate letters that are available with it. That's some serious, unintentional alliteration.

I'm still practicing both this and Roman, every day, and I intend to continue--at least as long as I'm following this book. Speaking of which, the book I purchased is entitled Learn Calligraphy by Margaret Shepherd. It's my first calligraphy book; I'm enjoying it, too. I like the way she writes, and all the little illustrations are quite amusing. She's certainly a master in her art, and art is certainly what she does.


Calligraphy Roman

I do not know when I'll return to this book. I have, however, taken up learning calligraphy. I've been working on the Roman script for about a week and, this morning, I decided to actually write a phrase (instead of a string of characters).

There's still work to be done. I currently find "S" to be the trickiest. If I draw a vertical guide to curve the body around, it comes out pretty nicely. Also, my marker is running out of ink. I actually like the faded fill effect it makes right now, though.