"executive toy":

"place card treat basket":

"holiday star #1":

"8-pointed star":
Mom really liked this one.

"modular circle":
I really liked this one.

"new year's crown":

And thus ends my adventure in Origami Page A Day. It didn't live up to my expectations. The cute models were too few, and there were way too many two- and three-fold models--even at the end of the book. The idea of destroying the book to create origami was very interesting, though.

I believe it is time to start naturally drawing, again.



"scout cap":


"sea horse":

"lover's knot":
The final product isn't that attractive, but I liked the design. It's as if the paper is actually tied into a knot.

"motor boat":
The end product is cute, but "kayak" would have been a better title. The bow and stern of motor boats aren't symmetrical, and this boat is missing its *motor*.

"star jar":


"ninja star":
One of my favorite designs, really. I first saw this design in tenth grade when my buddy Michael Wilderman gave me one as a Rosetta Stone of sorts. We had each made a cipher before we met each other, and he wrote "ninja star" on each side, one in his cipher and one in mine (which happened to be named "Rebellion"; I don't remember what the name of his was).

"wedding noshi":

The talking bird-thing amused me.

The ultra-popular fold. This is essentially synonymous with origami.










I'm tired of folding the crappy ones. From now on, I intend to only post and talk about the ones I liked or amused me.

This isn't really one that I liked, but it snuck in anyway.

"tote bag":
The bag was kind of cute.

The instructions stated: "notably the most disgusting procedure in all of origami--inflate the frog". "Arguably" (rather than "notably") would have been a more appropriate term--because it's been one of my *favorite* procedures in all of origami. I'm questioning if "tsukigami" would be an appropriate term for this *art*. However, the frog was a real letdown in inflatablity--remarkably, he doesn't [inflate] without getting an inflated head and limp, hanging limbs. So I smashed him back down.


"pop-up puppy":
I am amused by pop-up books, but this is not that interesting. The paper was also not two solid colors, so the instruction side obscures the face.



21-22 was the bird base instruction.

23 was an owl. It didn't work out.


If you want to call it a flamingo, I'll agree with you.

"thirsty bird":
Another action figure, more abstract than the last.

"durham turtle":

28-29 was a brief mention of the notable Robert J. Lang

And this was supposedly designed by him. One of the better models messed up by the aforementioned non-square paper.



"$ bunny":
Most of these, as the titles suggest, were supposed to be made out of money. I apparently chose not to do so.

"$2 pant suit":
I prefer my hot pink pant suit.

"ming dynasty officer's hat":
And the award to the longest name yet goes to this one, which is not much different than the previous "offering stand".

"buck bra":
Which I chose not to complete. A few folds before the end, it resembled this much cuter heart shape; so I chose to round off the corners and leave it as this--especially since there was no dollar underwear to complete the look.



"space flower":

"cool box":

It's more *cute* than *cool*.

"winged hat":

"handy stand":

That's relative.

"offering stand":

The name puzzles me a little.

07-08 showed how to make a square from a rectangle. This belonged within the first couple weeks of January rather than the middle of May.


14-15 advised starching and ironing dollar bills before folding them.




This one actually called for a dollar bill, but the smallest I had was a ten. I once made a rose out of twenty-seven dollars, but that was a gift. The snail was just practice.

09-10 gave a very brief history about the waterbomb base.

"inflatable box":

I thought it was curious that they gave this model after the "winged box" model.

12 was a "volcano", which was nothing more than a crumpled ball with a hole poked in it, not worthy of any more mention than that.

"elephant head" + "elephant body":

"coin purse":

16-17 was the organ base instructions.


I very much dislike the organ base foldings.



"newspaper boat":

Granted, it's not newspaper. It's also, simply, the hat pulled apart.

23-24 was the "reduce, reuse, recycle" speech

"dust pan":

"jumping frog":

I much prefer the model Carolina Valladares taught me. This model stopped short of completing his legs, which makes it look very ridiculous.

"box plane":

"simple sailboat":

If this looks like the "cat boat" with the bottom tucked in, you may be right.


The book relapsed. This model required the instructions from the following day.

30-0501 was the square base instructions.