Schedule 9D

Ten minute form studies. This is the exercise that I most consistently fulfill the allotted time for. The second one was my best but my sister said that she couldn't tell what it was. I didn't tell her either.

And the fourth girl. I wasn't finished. However, I ran out of ink. Yes, I had other pens, but I didn't have any more purple pens--the color that I had been using--and I didn't want to end with another color.


Schedule 9C

I just read the definition of "dilettante".

I read it again to my sister and she thought it was hilarious.

Quick contours. Way to sneak up on me like that. Haven't done these in a while (always amuses me, though). So, I decided to postpone the rest of the exercise, take a shower, work on some more gestures ala joshua-ultra-quick-contour, and give it another shot.

Changed my marker, too. Can't say either way whether the pause helped. The first one was kind of creepy and reminded me of an alien or something. Man these things crack me up.

I see that the girls, for whatever reason, tend to get darker with each hour. The third girl didn't make it on the picture--the fourth one definitely won't--but I'll try to put in as much of her as I can, though. Maybe try to equalize the modeling. Maybe. The dimensions are already out of whack. But hey, whatever.