Schedule 8E

Only one, today (the rest were gestures--1.5 hours of gestures): a modeled drawing of the face. It took me more than an hour to do this. Which surprised me a little. The left eye, nose, and area around them I spent the most of my effort on. They were also the last things I spent my effort on. After the right eye got cockeyed, and the lips fell too far from the cheek, I spent the rest of my effort on the parts I hadn't botched as much.


Schedule 8D


23, 23, 23, 22


Schedule 8C

Exercise 23: Ten Minute Form Studies


Mr. Nicolaides, it is my pleasure.

Really, though, it was. This is one of the first exercises where it took me longer than the allotted time--and I wanted to draw more. This is a good thing. I especially like the third one. I think I'd like to do that one better, some day.

These Exercise 22's are a little creepy. They kind of remind me of those Gray's Anatomy pictures--especially the ones with the little meat hooks.


Schedule 8B

Quick Contour, ditto, ditto, Modeled Drawing (specifically, Exercise 22: Part of the Form).

In an interesting turn of events, my drawings actually got better as I went along. That's been kind of rare up till now. Maybe it's because the first ones very persistently suggested that I laugh a lot. Things are certainly more enjoyable (though not necessarily easier to do) with a smile on.

Did you notice the first one has three eyes?

I saved the nose--the second hard copy I've saved since I started this.

I'm still laughing at that second one.


Schedule 8A

No, these aren't contours. Just when I was getting in the groove, again. Oh well. More modeled drawings. The first one I used a block-ish piece of graphite for. Which I thought would be fun, and was, but was difficult, because it was hard to lay down more graphite. It also made the page really smooth and glossy. And my fingertips very gray. The second I did with another pencil I've had for ages that I've never used before--Layout/Ebony. It draws a lot darker than the ol' 2B. Has this drag to it, but not as much as charcoal. Yes, I did spend the most effort on the arm pit.

Just so you know I still do gestures. I get to do these with every schedule. Honestly, the ones I did this morning were (for the most part) much better, but I didn't date them, and I didn't feel like making the dates up. Even though it wouldn't have been too hard since I did them immediately before the modeled drawing. But tough, I'm not doing it. I've scanned what I've scanned and that's that. Yehaw.


Schedule 7E

Quick. Quick. Quick. Slower.

I'm actually feeling pretty good about these. The first one, believe it or not, actually feels the most accurate. I also have to wonder if the middle two look that silly because I also kind of feel that way about them. Boy, drawing's expressive, isn't it?


Schedule 7D

Quick. Quick. Not quick.

Next to the watercolors, I think these contours are my favorite things to post. Gestures, least favorite. While they're generally fun to draw, I don't get a whole lot out of looking at them.

By the way, while I'm not convinced it's come out in my drawing yet, I can feel myself observing better. There are things I notice now on these pictures that I didn't notice before, and that counts for something.

Along the same way, I'm canning the long contour study. I put it off for two months because I wasn't feeling up to it, and after completing sixty percent of it, my apathy has not changed. I will finish out the exercises in this schedule without this one.

Isn't self-education fun?