Schedule 5C

I decided to do some quick contour along with the quick gesture. Hilarious looking, but breaks up the monotony.

More Exercise 14. I was helping my dad disassemble an engine, today.

Should be obvious.

Did half the study, today. Might do it this way again.


Schedule 5B

Exercise 14: The Daily Composition

"This is a memory drawing. Working in pencil, make a small drawing of something you have seen during the past twenty-four hours. Put down as fast and easily as possible, and in any order, the various things you remember about a specific place and what was going on there."

Alrighty. This was interesting enough. I stay at home a lot, so I don't know how quickly this will become tedious.

"No other exercise in the book is more important than this one. These compositions do not have to be right. They can be all wrong. THE IMPORTANT THING IS TO DO THEM. The really serious student will make a quick composition every day for the rest of his life despite everything else he has to do."

Yeah. Umm... That was a picture of my dad in his shop, by the way. At least, what I remembered of it.

I tried smashing the pen into the paper, this time, as instructed. For the first one. The pen started sticking pretty good about halfway so I opted out of continuing the practice.


Schedule 5A

One less than usual for the memory exercise, today. Didn't remember the last pose. But these were, honestly, the best ones I did, so they're here for show.

I was going to use myself for the gestures, today, but the batteries in mom's camera went kaput, so they're recharging. Posemaniacs, one two three! Posemaniacs, four five six!

Was told to do the modeled exercises in ball-point pen. Cool, cool. I was also told to Press hard, even if the pen tears into the paper. Oops. I didn't do this guy justice. He's a rather handsome dude in actuality. And I butchered the poor woman's face. She is much prettier in the picture I swiped off of Myspace.


Schedule 4E

He who gathers little by little will increase. (Proverbs 13:11)


I put my gesture and memory exercises side by side this time because, frankly, they're roughly the same "quality" now. That can arguably be a good thing. I like good things.

Modeled drawing attempts at a door knob and this coconut piggy bank that my friend Sonia brought me back from Puerto Rico.

And the new exercise for this schedule: *Group Poses*. I had already did these before, without being specifically instructed, in using Kung Fu movies for Gesture exercises. So...I brought out the Kung Fu movies again.


Schedule 4D

Schedule 4 has certainly been good in frequently adding new exercises. Today is "Reverse Poses". Simply enough, I draw the reverse of what I see. Then, the model actually reverses the pose, and I draw that. Of course, the models were from Posmaniacs.com and The GIMP reversed them.

More modeled drawings. Desk objects, this time.

And a gesture or three.

Coupled with some more memory practice. These are usually pretty bad. Sometimes the idea pops up to omit these since they tend to be so bad--more so than the contour exercises. But I remind myself that this is not a portfolio, but a museum of progress--which is worth much more. So I continue to boldly display that which is least impressive.


Schedule 4C

Dig, if you will, the picture...

Did it a little different, this time. Used the broad end of a carpenter's pencil. I have an easier time feeling the motion when I can drop more lead with each stroke.

Got a double dose of modeled forearms, this time. Wee.

I'm feeling more confidant with the memory exercise. Only three attempts into it, but hey.

New exercise: Descriptive Poses. Pretty fun. I had to describe to my model a pose to make and make a one minute drawing of that pose--without seeing it. Then, the model reveals herself, and I make a two minute sketch of what she was actually doing (how she interpreted my instructions). I couldn't get around it, this time--I had to have a model. So, I employed the services of my lovely sister, Danielle Wright. We took turns describing the poses. Pretty fun exercise.


Schedule 4B

Ladies and gentlemen, Miranda. This is the lady on the front of the book. No, I don't really know her name, but she really should have one as much as I've seen her naked.

Gesture. There's something I really like about the third one.

Memory. Need. More. Practice.

Moving Action. A new exercise. I like the exercise, but the only model I had was myself and the movie I made sucked and I didn't feel like editing them to show the constant repeated movement. So I got a little aggravated constantly restarting the movies and kind of rushed the exercise.

Modeled Drawing.