Schedule 8A

No, these aren't contours. Just when I was getting in the groove, again. Oh well. More modeled drawings. The first one I used a block-ish piece of graphite for. Which I thought would be fun, and was, but was difficult, because it was hard to lay down more graphite. It also made the page really smooth and glossy. And my fingertips very gray. The second I did with another pencil I've had for ages that I've never used before--Layout/Ebony. It draws a lot darker than the ol' 2B. Has this drag to it, but not as much as charcoal. Yes, I did spend the most effort on the arm pit.

Just so you know I still do gestures. I get to do these with every schedule. Honestly, the ones I did this morning were (for the most part) much better, but I didn't date them, and I didn't feel like making the dates up. Even though it wouldn't have been too hard since I did them immediately before the modeled drawing. But tough, I'm not doing it. I've scanned what I've scanned and that's that. Yehaw.

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