Schedule 9D

Ten minute form studies. This is the exercise that I most consistently fulfill the allotted time for. The second one was my best but my sister said that she couldn't tell what it was. I didn't tell her either.

And the fourth girl. I wasn't finished. However, I ran out of ink. Yes, I had other pens, but I didn't have any more purple pens--the color that I had been using--and I didn't want to end with another color.


  1. the second picture(the one ur sis couldn't tell)..

    is it a man sitting down with the legs opened wide(bended). something like how u sit against the wall..

  2. Miss Low! Good to see you. :) Close-- Let me see if I can find the picture...

    Ha! Found it: the bottom one. :) I believe you recognize our mutual friend.