Schedule 12A

It has been three years since I last determined to follow the guidelines of this book. If I was a diligent artist, I would have finished the book several times by now and have become a superb artist (this is all highly theoretical, of course).

Letting the past be the past, however, I have determined to start again, and, over the course of a few days (not because of intense *observation*, mind you, but because I waited to surf upon the capricious tide of enthusiasm), I have completed Schedule 12A--an accomplishment in its own right.

I'll let the images speak for themselves.

Here's a couple of Gesture Drawings, for fun:

And for the focus of this schedule, the Modeled Drawings:

In this exercise, I was supposed to view the model and the drapery as one (object). And I was supposed to use a crayon. As far as drawing implements go, crayon is one of my least preferred things to use. It's so blunt and sticky and uneven feeling. It's not quite as messy as charcoal, but doesn't feel as good.

And, for a bonus, a couple of Daily Compositions:

Like Kimon said (so long ago), an actual artist will make one of these a day for the rest of his life. ... And that's not been my practice. I was actually thinking of using these books I got (four years ago) to keep a diary and, instead, drop my daily compositions in them--a visual diary, of sorts. Writing a diary is something that I've never been inclined to do (even when Mrs. Bonnefield tried to get us to keep one in third grade), and, though I've had a website for some time (and the updates were...mostly regular), plain writing my thoughts in a book has never come quite gracefully enough. So, we'll see where this goes.

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