Schedule 7B

Baby, I need your lovin'. Got! to have all your lovin'.

"Every step in this book is founded on your willingness to look at the model."

No doubt. Look is a curious word, though. If I look at a woman the way I've been looking at my guitar head, she might get the wrong idea.

Or maybe the right one.

Moving on.

Quick contours. Funny, because, by his definition, I've been doing that all along. Now what do I call what I've been calling quick contours? Really quick contours, I guess. The first one almost looks recognizable. The second... The third one I didn't even show.

I got the idea to change color each "hour" (which has been thirty minutes, so far) I drew to show *progress*. The two major difficulties I've been having are,

One, I tend to look ahead. All the time. In most everything I do. Whether with my eyes, or with my mind in anticipation. And contour is all about the moment, the instant. A good lesson to learn, really. And,

Two, I have a large field of vision. I'm paying attention to everything around me instead of that single point. Crippling myself won't help in the long run, so I'm just going to have to learn to focus my powers. Boy, didn't that sound spiffy.

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