Schedule 7A

Return to contour.


"You have been rushed through a number of exercises in what may seem a very short time."

Not if you take as long as I did between the exercises.

"But it is necessary in the beginning to avoid the great danger of monotony."

Too late.

"When you attempted your fist contour drawing, you started with a blank."

Actually, I start all of my exercises like that.

"Now you start with all the accumulated knowledge and ability which you have gained from weeks of hard work."

"All" is a small word.

"Previously I have not asked you to devote more than an hour to one drawing, partly because I realised that your knowledge of the figure was limited and that you might not see enough to occupy you for a grater length of time. You will now be able to spend hours instead of minutes on a drawing before you have exhausted the sensation of touching the contours."

Which brings us to Exercise 17: The Five-Hour Contour. !!!!!!!! Yikes. I haven't been able to spend an hour yet on a contour, and now I'm asked to spend five days (an hour a day) on a single pose.

"If, after drawing the outside and inside contours, you find you still have time left, draw the important cross contours in their proper places on the figure."

Personally, I think this is going to look like a mess. A real whodiditandran.

"In a way this drawing will be a test of how much you have learned."

No doubt.

"Every step in this book is founded on your willingness to look at the model."

Ah, the killer words: your willingness. Kimon emphasized look, but that's really secondary.

I'm going to start on this five hour thing next session (Guess I'll be working on it two hours one day). As for the rest of the exercises...

Gesture of the day. It's the back of a woman with her head resting on her right knee. Can't you tell?

Supposed to be a cross contour exercise. Since it's been so long since I've did a contour, I decided to do a few small ones first. And yeap.

The DC. My sister and I cornered our friend Jason--who's very ticklish--in the kitchen and proceeded to attack him. That's him on the counter knocking things over attempting to defend himself.