Schedule 5B

Exercise 14: The Daily Composition

"This is a memory drawing. Working in pencil, make a small drawing of something you have seen during the past twenty-four hours. Put down as fast and easily as possible, and in any order, the various things you remember about a specific place and what was going on there."

Alrighty. This was interesting enough. I stay at home a lot, so I don't know how quickly this will become tedious.

"No other exercise in the book is more important than this one. These compositions do not have to be right. They can be all wrong. THE IMPORTANT THING IS TO DO THEM. The really serious student will make a quick composition every day for the rest of his life despite everything else he has to do."

Yeah. Umm... That was a picture of my dad in his shop, by the way. At least, what I remembered of it.

I tried smashing the pen into the paper, this time, as instructed. For the first one. The pen started sticking pretty good about halfway so I opted out of continuing the practice.

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