Schedule 4D

Schedule 4 has certainly been good in frequently adding new exercises. Today is "Reverse Poses". Simply enough, I draw the reverse of what I see. Then, the model actually reverses the pose, and I draw that. Of course, the models were from Posmaniacs.com and The GIMP reversed them.

More modeled drawings. Desk objects, this time.

And a gesture or three.

Coupled with some more memory practice. These are usually pretty bad. Sometimes the idea pops up to omit these since they tend to be so bad--more so than the contour exercises. But I remind myself that this is not a portfolio, but a museum of progress--which is worth much more. So I continue to boldly display that which is least impressive.


  1. I see boobies!! XD In the one labeled and a gesture or three

  2. Wow. ^_^ Sketches.

    I gotta admit, I do those frame-like things a lot. And... *high fives fellow GIMP user*

  3. ---Shu---

    "And the rib which the Lord God had taken from the man He built up and made into a woman, and He brought her to the man. (Genesis 2:22)"

    And He gave her boobs. And He made them attractive. I don't know why, but I'm glad He did. :P Hahahaha.

    The skinless (and genitalless) girl on the Posemaniacs site has some really round ones, too. That aren't affected by gravity. At all. In fact, they look about the same in every pose. Oh well, it's certainly easier (and not as morally conflicting) using her than a real model. :P


    GIMP. GIMP. GIMP. Shu is a fellow GIMP user, too. We are part of the great circle of GIMP users! Well...I guess it's a triangle at the moment, but whatever. :P

  4. Oh yes I'm glad that we have boobies too, I love my boobies hahahahhaa XD

    Maybe that girl has had a boob job done, hence the not-being-affected-by-gravity thing :P ahahahha

    Oh yes, GIMP rocks :D

  5. I love my boobies

    Hahahahahaha. :D

    Maybe that girl has had a boob job done

    Well...she's computer generated. So if she had a boob job, she didn't ask for it. :P