Schedule 4C

Dig, if you will, the picture...

Did it a little different, this time. Used the broad end of a carpenter's pencil. I have an easier time feeling the motion when I can drop more lead with each stroke.

Got a double dose of modeled forearms, this time. Wee.

I'm feeling more confidant with the memory exercise. Only three attempts into it, but hey.

New exercise: Descriptive Poses. Pretty fun. I had to describe to my model a pose to make and make a one minute drawing of that pose--without seeing it. Then, the model reveals herself, and I make a two minute sketch of what she was actually doing (how she interpreted my instructions). I couldn't get around it, this time--I had to have a model. So, I employed the services of my lovely sister, Danielle Wright. We took turns describing the poses. Pretty fun exercise.

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