Schedule 6A

uoy ,gol bew siht gniwollof neeb evah taht uoy fo esoht roF
ym gnivorpmi fo esoprup eht rof siht detrats I taht wonk
.etis siht fo noitcerid eht degnahc ecnis evah I .slliks gniward

But I changed back because, you know, that's kind of hard to read.


So Mr. Nicolaides says I should model with water color now. I haven't used water color in years.

Speaking of years, the years I most painted with water color were the years that I had to take naps, that is, before kindergarten. Think four to five. I've never liked naps, and so, when mom had left the house, I'd get out of bed, grab dad's old folding set of water colors, hop up to the bar in the kitchen, and paint my favorite dinosaur. Godzilla, of course. It never actually looked like Godzilla--even up to fourth grade (10), when my buddy Derrick rebuked the way I drew his back spikes. He was always green, too. And his fire was orange. And he usually fought fire breathing snakes. Regardless, it was better than naps.

"We are all prone to accept our preconceptions instead of investigating a thing fully and anew."

Yeap. I'm liking the change of medium, though. Water color certainly isn't as convenient as pencil, but learning is a good thing.

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