Schedule 6E

This time it was some guy named Bryan. I saw his picture and I immediately thought, "I like this dude." And after reading what he had to say about himself, I'm quite sure I like this dude. I ran out of light green half-ishway into it and I didn't feel like mixing any more. I have this frugal mindset--for whatever reason--even though I got this set of water colors for free from my buddy Matt. Yes, Matt, this full set of Sakura special water colors in tubes 18 colors in plastic tray with transparent cover made in Japan non-toxic which you put into a box to be trashed when you moved. You know, just like your Playstation 2. Hmm. $10.25 on the back of the box. Okay, not *quite* a full set--four of them were dried up and I unintentionally mashed Yellow Ochre. Oops. Anyway, I think I should mix double what I expect to use from now on.

Daily Composition: Sitting in my sister's room while she tries (unsuccessfully) to persuade me to get a "pretty" haircut.

"Josh, you could be pretty!"

You know, this daily composition exercise is pretty fun. I get to backflash through my entire day, looking for an interesting scene to draw. If anything, it's a good memory exercise.


  1. "Josh, you could be pretty!"
    - I agree. :)

    And you're getting better at drawing.

  2. Haha. Well, you already are pretty. :)

    Ah. Did you see the one before this? The firey woman is the only picture I've kept since I started this project.