Calligraphy Italic

I realized, this morning, that I've been practicing Italic for several days, now, but never uploaded an update.

I also realized that this will probably be the last time I post in Gainesville for some time (since I'm leaving in a couple hours). It has been an interesting two years of my life. I thank God for all the persons I was given relationship with during my stay here, especially those of Living Faith Fellowship. The Lord bless you all.

I've also reached the end of the Learn Calligraphy book. The only things lacking are some Italic joins and numerals. My recommendation goes with this book for those just starting out in Calligraphy and for those that only want to invest around fifteen bucks (book plus calligraphic markers). I'm quite satisfied with it. Should I want to pursue this further, I feel I have a good foundation to build on.

168 was the last page in the book, and Margaret labeled it 10101000. That was a very cute touch.

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