If you use your imagination, this may look like a "mushroom":

I've found all of these products, thus far, to require some imagination, but this one has been my least favorite because of how it looks from the opposite side:

The folds look way too unfinished. Mushrooms generally do not look this different between sides. I'm hoping that it's simply because these are the elementary designs that the products aren't that satisfactory.

I looked forward through the calendar to question my theory. It seems the designs get more advanced at some points...and revert back to basic designs at others. Also, it seems that more than Sunday is kept from participating in the one-a-day scheme. Several days simply have short articles about origami-related information and others have multi-part/multi-day instructions. I intend to have a *completed* product every day; so I should finish this thing much quicker than the standard year.

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