Mom brought a book into my room, last night, entitled, Origami Calendar, by Margaret Van Sicklen. Another Margaret (the previous book that I went through, Learn Calligraphy, was by Margaret Shepherd). This amuses me. The book is very cute; the pages themselves are used up in the process of following the instructions on them. While not really reusable, I find it novel, and I have no guilt in turning the book into the art provided by the information on the very pages of it. It's the book's purpose. It's refreshing.

Anyway, each day (saving weekends--they're combined on one page) the page for the day before is folded for the current day into a, supposedly, incrementally more difficult model. Today's is entitled "nightingale".

As you can see, the instructions weren't quite clear to me where to make the second fold. I thought I was folding for the wing and left a generous amount above the previous fold when, in fact, the amount above the fold was for the head (the head is pointing to the left). Took me three tries. Moving on.

On a technical note, the pages are not square: they are 145.5 mm by 144 mm--which is more than enough to keep the folds from being clean, as you can see. That's a pretty significant blunder, but not enough to destroy the utility of the book.

On another note, by "today", I mean June 25, 2013. The actual first page of the book, which I just completed, was January 1 and 2 (Saturday and Sunday), 2005. I'm going in the order of the book's pages, since that's the intention, disregarding the date shown; I intend to do one every day.

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