Why, it's a "paloma", of course:

Friends, if your knowledge is an incomplete as mine, you might have asked yourself, as I did, "What in the world is a 'paloma'?" To be honest, I thought that the tail (left side of the picture) was the head--which didn't help my understanding (but did feed my imagination [Tremors and Dune came to mind]). "Paloma" is supposedly a Spanish word for "dove". Knowing that, I reevaluated which side was the head.

Yeah, my folds were a little unprofessional, today. I folded the backbone fold too tightly, and it cramped everything.

Every morning, after I make the folds, I take it out to my mom and give it to her, since she gave me the book. Today, I asked, "Do you know what it is?" Smiling, she said, "No." Dad said, "It looks like a bird." One out of three. I told them my observations and found out that mom also thought that the tail was the head. Neither of them knew what "paloma" was.

I can still see the sandworm.

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