Schedule 2E

So I didn't draw, yesterday. Took a break. I did make jelly, though. First time. Grape Blackberry. Culinary art is still art, right?

Supposedly, inanimate objects have gesture, too. Seems the gesture is in the making. So I turned my cups, framed my chairs, grew my plants. Sewed my wallet. Assembled my pencil. Yeehaw.

"It is far more important that your studies contain this comprehension of movement, of gesture, than that they contain any other single thing."

That's it. I'm now firmly convinced that he's a Gesturist.

A cross contour of a hand. It's supposed to be palm-down on a table, fingers spread apart. Started with the left side; stopped when my pencil fell of the paper (again).

More gestures. Trulies? Trulies. Even threw in another flash gesture exercise even though he didn't call for it. Posemaniacs.com has been fun, but I'm going to have to start mixing things up a bit because it's starting to get boring. I don't want to rush though this.

And the grand finale? A contour of a boob. Joking. It's a rose. I've been kissed by a rose on the gray. Ba ya ya, bada ba da da da, ba yaya.

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