Schedule 3D

Good afternoon, boys and girls. My name's Mr. Nicolaides, but you may call me Mr. Nick. I'm going to be your teacher, today.

Yay. Another schedule three days in the doing. I spent three hours yesterday playing Phantasy Star. I got halfway through the game and quit, read through a walkthrough for the rest of it, and watched the ending online. The game was so boring that it encouraged me to study Japanese. When entertainment is so bad that rote learning is more enjoyable... Which is why I don't watch television.

Did you know that the healing items in the game were burgers and colas? That's what the world's been coming to, ladies and gentlemen.

This time the exercise is kind of a combination of weight and cross contour. Pretty interesting. He suggested a piece of wooden molding; so, I picked the stuff lining the entrance of the inside of my room.

Started out feeling like an ink jet printer. Ihhh. No thanks. So I did it my way the second time. What felt good. Probably not what he wanted, but at least it didn't irritate me.

You know, I think I'm finally starting to get the feel of these gesture exercises that Kimon's been trying to convey. I think last night was the first night since the first day that I've enjoyed doing them. This web log half started as a joke and a whim...but I think I'm actually getting into this, now.

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