Schedule 3E

"Do not take anything for granted."

Wise words, my man, wise words.

"Nothing is a mere detail."

Even better words.

The modeled drawing. Model it, Joshua, model it. Started with the volume controller for my speakers. Crash and burn.

Honestly, I feel like I missed a step, somewhere. I assure you that that drawing does not accurately represent the model.

So I decided, again, to go with something that seemed simpler. Like...my hand. Again. Hey, it's quite available. I'm pretty sure I don't like these modeled drawings. But I haven't been very skillful with clay. Unlike my friend Edryanne. Low, Wai Chi, you're being plugged.

And more gestures.


  1. Hey, you're getting better. :) Volume controller still doesn't look like a controller though. lol.

    One more thing, your hand is hairy. HAHA.

  2. So is the rest of my body. :d