Schedule 4A

Yeah, that took long enough.

And we start off with some gestures. Funny, I managed to stick four in a row--I guess because they were all standing up this time.

Exercise 8: Memory Drawing

"The model is asked to take three poses successively, holding each for about half a minute, and then to step down from the stand so that he cannot be seen. During the next minute, make gesture drawings of the three poses in any order that occurs to you."

"At first you may find yourself, like many other students, starting blankly at an equally blank paper. Draw something. Make some kind of lines whether you have any memory of the poses or not. Then try again."

This one definitely needs practice.

Another modeled drawing. My water cup. Well...a picture of my water cup--I don't drink from paper. What's amusing is that you can see the writing on the other side of the cup paper. "What is it?" you ask? It's the list of techs from Phantasy Star 2.

I, by mistake, took the second set of gestures exercises at thirty seconds per pose. Oops. Oh well, it was a nice change in practice. I really like the picture of the jumping man. You don't know which one the jumping man is? Then I'm not telling you.

And a modeled drawing of an arm. Not my arm. My buddy Matt's arm. He was eating something mushy looking, but I didn't draw that.

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