Schedule 1E

Kimon introduced cross contour, today. Which is, well, different from another version of the term that I've read. No big deal; I'm going to try it his way (or, that is, what seems to be his way, according to the single picture in the book). Contour's all about finding a sense of touch, he says. Touch, touch, touch. No, not poke, touch--as in that gliding type of touch like petting a cat. Or person. I pet people sometimes. Hasn't seemed to help my art, though. Yet.

Google image search fails me.

I'm glad I'm a picture pack rat. Don't have many physically, but I can store loads and loads of them on my computer and they take up very little space. Like, nanometers or something. Yes, I realize that a meter is a linear measurement, but bear with me. It's great because I can just go along and pick them up right and left at my leisure. And the great thing about electric theft is that the people still have what is theirs--I just have it too, now. Crazy.

Well, here's a couple. Correct me if I'm wrong: this gesture thing seems pretty easy to me. I wonder if I'm doing it right.

Well, seeing that contouring organics is much more enjoyable, I decided to sketch a body builder today and...what the hell is that? My. Well, I decided to go with a one a little more realistic. Still shying away from the women a bit. I remember when I was fifteen and I got a little more interested in this (art) and mom found out that I was using this half naked picture of a woman for artistical learning purposes. Half naked. She was wearing a light green skirt over her nether regions and covering the delicate areas of her chest with her hands. It wasn't porn, didn't even feel like porn, but it was a half naked woman on my computer with me in front of it (pencil in hand), and that was all mom needed. The conversation went something a-like-a this:

Mom: (angry, hurt-ish eyes) What were you doing looking at *that* on your computer?
Me: (wary, scared-ish eyes) You won't believe me if I tell you.
Mom: Try me.
Me: Art.
Mom: I find that hard to believe.

Thankfully, I didn't get beat that day.

I find it amusing that I managed to sketch the guy's left hand huge like that each time. I started at different sides each time, too--to the left of his neck with the first one, to the right on the other. I also realize that I must have looked at the clock wrong because I did the cross contour before the second set of gestures. Which means it would have at least have been before 1953. The girl was from the first set of gestures which I completed around 1400 this morning, but I forgot to date her. Oh well, it's a mystery I don't care to solve.

"These contours may be drawn haphazardly on the paper--one across the forehead followed by another across the chest. They need not be connected or in place, and to an uninitiated observer they will be entirely meaningless."

Well, that's comforting.


  1. Oh my Joshua hahaha at least the girls private parts were covered, imagine if your mom caught you using one that wasn't :D

    I find body builders with such big guns quite disgusting =P

  2. at least the girls private parts were covered

    Well, if they weren't, they really wouldn't be private. :P

    imagine if your mom caught you using one that wasn't :D

    I'm pretty sure I did contemplate that while she was staring me down. Hahaha.

    I find body builders with such big guns quite disgusting =P

    Body builders with little guns wouldn't really be body builders, though. :d