Schedule 2C

Gestures and something new... The flash pose.

Flash! AAAA-aaaa!

Another gesture exercise. This one's pretty interesting. I have only seconds (as in, one to five) to save the earth scribble down what I see. It's supposed to help me acquire the impulse of the gesture, the thing that supposedly holds it all together. Less time encourages me to see more.

Just a man
With a man's courage
Nothing but a man
But he can never fail

Another cross contour of an arm. Another contour of a toilet. Kidding. It's actually a dude at an odd angle. The posemaniacs site files it under full, h0, v60, male, stand. Not sure what all that means. Full, man, and stand are pretty obvious (not necessarily by my picture), but the h0, v60 I'm not sure about. Horizontal? Vertical? I'm sure it's something to do with angle. Hmm... Maybe. If h spears his side, and v splits his left and right, if the camera is angled 60 degrees from his belly button (or, navel, since that makes more sense), that might just be what that means.

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