Schedule 2A

Nothing like looking at a naked old lady bending over every time I open this book. I don't know... She is kind of hot. I don't know if it's a good or bad thing how the more you look at someone, the better looking they start to get.

Yesterday was a "long" day. Not bad or unfortunate day, simply tiring--but a good tiring. Drawing had to be relegated.

Potential gestures. It's what it sounds like. Instead of drawing the gesture, I am commanded to draw what I imagine to be the next gesture in the sequence. Which means nothing to you, since you'll just be seeing more of my scribblings.

Feeling a little dull at the moment, wondering what I should use to draw, I typed the first thing I thought of--"model gestures"--into Google image search. Saw a sheet of gestures and clicked on it. Wow. The dude improved pretty impressive in twenty-two days. Something he wrote though should have been an obvious to me: "I also played some movie to get some inspiration for different poses." A movie. Kick ass, dude. Man, some things sure are slow coming. I blame it on not watching movies often and not watching television at all. Not something I care to change. I will, however, appropriate some of it for art practice. Movie of the day? "One Upon a Time in China."

Aah! More reading is good. Found this neat little program following one of the links from the page. I think my last practice was a little too sketchy and not enough gesturey.

Cross contour... I'm gonna let you guys figure this one out.

"Of course, the pose you draw will seldom be the pose the model actually takes. But the effort to realize how the model could move from his present position--what it would be possible for him to do [...]"

Kung fu movies were a bit before his time.

Personally, I don't immediately see the value of potential gestures. Frankly, they bug me. Probably because the word "potential" bugs me.

I decided to continue on with the kung fu gestures--back to static, this time--since the movie was still playing.

For this contour (I've seen it called *blind* contour in another place), I decided to do something simpler for myself. That, ladies and gentlemen, is my tablet stylus standing in its stand. Yes, I traced around that for thirty minutes trying to synchronize my organs.

Honestly, this is the first day since Schedule 1A that I did all five exercises required of me. Also, I know I'm training something. When I was contouring the pen, occasionally I could feel my eyes latch onto the edge and follow it smoothly along--that is, before my eyes got dry and I blinked and lost focus. Regardless, it was smooth and not jumpy like usual. A couple more years of this and we might just have something.

Like a stare. A cold, penetrating stare. Or possibly a warm one. A warm, penetrating stare. Mom said it's not polite to stare. But I'm twenty-five mom, and a man that's been dead for seventy-two years says that I must.

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