"patient dog":


Your dolls will love this cozy, zero bedroom, zero bathroom, (zero window) cottage.

"white rabbit":

Difficult to make a *white* rabbit when the white side of the sheet is covered with the previous day's instructions. I prefer this rabbit model to the one coming up.


26-27 was information on the Fold and Cut Theorem proposed by Demaine, Demaine, and Lubiw. It follows that any polygon can be made by making a single cut though a particularly folded sheet of paper. It's a cute idea, but feels a little out of place in this book. Also, there's another proofreading error: the sheet states that there are two such patterns following, but there is only one.


Much more work than necessary. It was suitable to prove the idea, but not practically suitable--such is academia in general.


This was kind of cute. The handle is merely for show, tucked separately under the folds. Looseleaf paper is the nicest feeling, crispest paper I've folded, yet. The book sheets are similar to magazine paper--thick and spongy--and not the best for folding neat folds.

"wood pecker":

It does evoke the creature. Another in the "bookmark" series of designs.

"Post-it(TM) butterfly":

Another rare capital--and trademarked. This fails twice: it's a poor excuse of a butterfly and it leave less room for notes. It's also sticky on its upper right corner.

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