Mom: A sea lion?
Joshua: No, a rooster.
Mom: A rooster?! How the crud is it a rooster?
Joshua: Got me.
Mom: It still looks like a sea lion, to me.

I didn't notice until I was about to take the picture that I had managed to fold the whole thing showing the wrong side of the paper. Then, as I was editing the pictures, I noticed the odd angle that I took it at. The "rooster" simply didn't have a chance.

"chevron flyer":

Another in the paper airplane collection. This one glides atrociously.

19-20 was the instruction for the "helmet base". This is the first instructable that came before the model that required it.

"party hat":

It's kind of cute.


I like this one well, enough. The folds are asymmetrical, but not dirty.

"magazine box":

Unlike hat box and shoe box, this is not a box to store magazines in. It's a box made from a magazine page. I actually learned this design years ago and have folded several dozen in slightly different ratios; so it was nice seeing this design in here--it's kind of like meeting an old friend after a long time.

"cat head" + "cat body":

Not a whole lot to say.

26-27 was a piece of information about the Hina Doll Festival

"hina doll":
Mom: Sumo wrestler?
Joshua: Close enough. It's called a "hina doll".

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