I'm tired of folding the crappy ones. From now on, I intend to only post and talk about the ones I liked or amused me.

This isn't really one that I liked, but it snuck in anyway.

"tote bag":
The bag was kind of cute.

The instructions stated: "notably the most disgusting procedure in all of origami--inflate the frog". "Arguably" (rather than "notably") would have been a more appropriate term--because it's been one of my *favorite* procedures in all of origami. I'm questioning if "tsukigami" would be an appropriate term for this *art*. However, the frog was a real letdown in inflatablity--remarkably, he doesn't [inflate] without getting an inflated head and limp, hanging limbs. So I smashed him back down.


"pop-up puppy":
I am amused by pop-up books, but this is not that interesting. The paper was also not two solid colors, so the instruction side obscures the face.

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