Another doll; this one without the cutting required on the 'hina doll' model. We can see by his expression that he's clearly up to something.


 This one is kind of cute. It also had a couple of neat folds that I haven't done before.

"rachel's rocket":

 Eponymously named by the alleged designer, Rachel Katz, this two-part model actually fits together; congratulations, Rachel.

05-06 informed me of a notable folder named John Montroll, of whom it is said, "Dissatisfied with the three-legged elephants and four-legged insects shown in the book..." My sentiments exactly, John.

"montroll's fish":

 And the fish bearing his name has become my new favorite model. I'm not sure what my old favorite was up to this point, but it's clearly been overshadowed. I mangled the fin a little bit, but I still very much appreciate the design.

"recycled newspaper hat":

 "Recycled" seems redundant, to me. Regardless, this is another old favorite, which I (and I think most people) learned long before the box. This definitely deserved a place in the book.

"new bird":

 And we were doing so well. What's this crap? What does "new" even mean (in this regard)?


A mildly better model than the last. The bird designs are some the of most awful in here. And I happen to quite like birds.

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