This one actually called for a dollar bill, but the smallest I had was a ten. I once made a rose out of twenty-seven dollars, but that was a gift. The snail was just practice.

09-10 gave a very brief history about the waterbomb base.

"inflatable box":

I thought it was curious that they gave this model after the "winged box" model.

12 was a "volcano", which was nothing more than a crumpled ball with a hole poked in it, not worthy of any more mention than that.

"elephant head" + "elephant body":

"coin purse":

16-17 was the organ base instructions.


I very much dislike the organ base foldings.



"newspaper boat":

Granted, it's not newspaper. It's also, simply, the hat pulled apart.

23-24 was the "reduce, reuse, recycle" speech

"dust pan":

"jumping frog":

I much prefer the model Carolina Valladares taught me. This model stopped short of completing his legs, which makes it look very ridiculous.

"box plane":

"simple sailboat":

If this looks like the "cat boat" with the bottom tucked in, you may be right.


The book relapsed. This model required the instructions from the following day.

30-0501 was the square base instructions.

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