"scout cap":


"sea horse":

"lover's knot":
The final product isn't that attractive, but I liked the design. It's as if the paper is actually tied into a knot.

"motor boat":
The end product is cute, but "kayak" would have been a better title. The bow and stern of motor boats aren't symmetrical, and this boat is missing its *motor*.

"star jar":


"ninja star":
One of my favorite designs, really. I first saw this design in tenth grade when my buddy Michael Wilderman gave me one as a Rosetta Stone of sorts. We had each made a cipher before we met each other, and he wrote "ninja star" on each side, one in his cipher and one in mine (which happened to be named "Rebellion"; I don't remember what the name of his was).

"wedding noshi":

The talking bird-thing amused me.

The ultra-popular fold. This is essentially synonymous with origami.


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